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Kids Party Games – The Chocolate Game

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The Children sit in a circle (or around a table) and in the middle is a plate with a wrapped bar of block of chocolate with a knife and fork.

There is also some dress up clothes, thick gloves are good and a few extra items so it takes more time to put them on.

Each child takes it in turn to roll a die, if someone rolls a 6 they yell “chocolate time”.

They then have to put on all the dress up clothes and then start to try and eat as much chocolate with the knife and fork as they can until someone else rolls a 6 and them they must stop and swap with that person who now tries to eat as much as possible before the next 6.

If no one is getting any chocolate add a second a second die and require a double 6 to be rolled. Also a fun one with using jelly instead of chocolate!

Number of Players: 2 or more
Equipment : Plate, knife and fork, some dress up clothes and some chocolate.

Kids party game from “101 Awesome Kids’ Games” by Rob McLellan

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