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We are a family, probably similar to yours. We also have hired party equipment for a few of our daughter’s parties and found it difficult and sometimes disappointing. So we decided to do something about it, we’ve made hiring tables, chairs and extras for a child’s party quick, easy and online. We also have one fundamental difference to everyone else in the kids party hire industry, time. You can pick up (or have delivered) the day before your party, then drop off or be ready for collection the day after your party.


It’s a standard 3 day hire,
for the price of 1, fully inclusive.


What is your address?
Our warehouse is located at 3 Scanlon Drive, Epping, Victoria 3076
Please note, bookings are required and if you just roll up, there is a real chance you’ll be disappointed, plus it take us some time to get your order ready for collection.
What are your trading hours?

OPEN – Weekdays from 10AM to 5PM

CLOSED – Weekends and public hollidays

What is your delivery / pickup schedule?

Pick-up Times: Weekdays from 10AM to 5PM
Return Times: Weekdays from 10AM to 5PM 

Delivery times are not selectable.

Weekend bookings for delivery will be made on the Friday prior.
We will send you a delivery 2 hour time estimate the evening before your delivery by SMS, and on your delivery day, we’ll send another SMS when we are on our way.

How Long is the hire for?

The good news is your hire is for 3 days, ideally pick up the day before your event and drop off the day after.

Can I pickup the day before my party?

Yes, all our hires are for 3 days, so ideally you can collect the day before and drop off the day after.

Do you charge a security deposit or bond?
Normally we don’t. I was something we did in the past. The only times we reserve the right to charge a security bond is normally related to Photo Booth Hires. The issue is, particularly at a venue where you might be having a 21st, some guest take it upon themselves to take home our props, wigs, glasses etc as souvenirs. Problem is, you’ve invited your guests and they liberate other people’s property, then you get the bill for the replacement cost. It’s unfair, for sure, if only your guests realised that not only are they being entertained, fed and watered, they have the responsibility to do the right thing by their hosts. So missing and damaged items are charged and if we feel its more likely than not there will be an issue a bond will be charged, this could happen as late as the time we deliver your order.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We use Square / PayPal for payments, so you can use credit and debit cards or EFTPOS. In some circumstances we can issue you with a tax invoice for EFT payment, however any unpaid bookings are automatically cancelled after 7 days, so in some cases the items you booked could be booked by someone else. If you’ve paid via credit card, your booking is made, confirmed and secured – nothing else to worry about.
What happens if we damage something?

We charge you for damage, for example if you break a chair or damage a table. However it’s pretty rare.

Can I cancel or reschedule our booking?

Of course! Kids get sick, things crop up, we’re parents too! We just ask that you cancel no later than a week before your party, for a full refund. If you need to cancel within the week you have booked, we can reschedule your booking, but not issue a refund. The security deposit in either case will be refunded.

Do you deliver and pickup?
Yes – for an additional charge we can deliver and pickup, the rates are dependent on your location (and the distance from Eltham).

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